evolution for independent store Hylands

The customer

Hylands Service Station is an independently owned and run convenience and fuel site situated in Surrey. Open 24/7 it has a plethora of facilities, including a Spar shop, Subway, car wash, free cash machine, grocery delivery and a recently installed eco-friendly refill station. It’s a busy community hub, often serving a customer every 40 seconds.

The challenge

In June 2019 owner Danyal Shoaib was looking for a replacement POS system, the one they were using could not support features they wanted, such as loyalty and payment. The user interface was dated and the system was inflexible and clunky to use.

Danyal Shoaib, Owner of Hylands, commented: “We spent a lot of time researching systems, not only looking at what companies said about their own systems but what their customers were saying. After a demonstration of evoPOS and talking with the TLM team we found evoPOS stood out as a system which looks to the future and is willing to link with third-party integrations, giving us the functionality we wanted. Other systems were ‘closed’ in comparison.”

The solution

Hylands installed two evoPOS in 2019 and were one of our retail customers who helped shape our newly developed evoBackOffice.

evoPOS and evoBackOfffice enable Hylands to achieve high quality customer service, operational efficiency and create new revenue streams by integrating to third-party apps and services.

“We’ve found evoPOS and evoBackOffice integrate easily to systems such as Navarra (tobacco vending), Codax (Car Wash), Esso Nectar loyalty and mobile payment. We use TLM’s Jisp integration for home delivery and click & collect services.’

Danyal has also recently started to promote his in-store products on Google and Facebook using TLM’s integration with NearSt, driving online customs in-store. Case study

It’s not only our integration ability that is driving Danyal’s business forward. evoBackOffice, with its web-based and multi-user capability, has been transformational.

“evoBackOffice has been a game changer for my business. I was in the process of hiring a store manager but since having evoBackoffice installed I’ve realised I don’t need to. It’s intuitive, so all staff can use it easily. The fact that I can use it from anywhere on a variety of devices means I don’t have to be on-site to manage my store – in fact I use it on my mobile around 60% of the time. Functions like auto-ordering work brilliantly and have drastically cut down the amount of time I spend on previously laborious tasks.”

We support the software and hardware we sell from our Exeter based Support Hub. It’s an area we’ve worked hard on. Whilst acknowledging there is always room for improvement, we are proud of the results.

“ s well as having an excellent product we find TLM have the support mechanisms in place to back it up. We find being able to call the Support Hub or email them at any time very convenient. Overall, we’re pleased with response times and have found that issues have been resolved effectively, with a clear escalation route when we need more than first line support.”

Danyal, like TLM, is always moving forward and keeping up with societal trends. As such, he has a 300KW EV charger on order and is piloting our media software and screens. We’re excited to be Hyland’s technology partner for the next part of their business journey.

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